We all have a right to be safe online, our people, our data and our systems deserve to be protected.
Protection however cannot come from policies alone. Our actions... our practices are crucial to our online safety.
— Laura Bell, Founder of SafeStack

The Idea

Varelis provides simple to use, high quality tools that allow travellers to remain secure when they're on the move.

The idea is simple.

While policies and education can tell us what we need to do, sometimes bridging the gap from theory to practice can be hard.

We make it simple.

Our products and services focus on "action oriented" security, in short - less policy and theory, more practice.

Style Meets Simplicity

Cyber security isn't known for being a stylish or appealing industry but at Varelis we know that style matters.

We have designed products and kits that are easy to use, simple designs that make secure travel effortless not ugly.

Tested with business people from around the world as well as frequent travellers and security experts, our products and services are proven to meet the demands of even the most discerning client.




World Class Experts

The team behind Varelis are recognized globally for their expertise in Cyber Security. Published authors, conference speakers, board members and advisers, we work together to understand the real risks we all face and find pragmatic solutions.

Our products and services build on decades of experience and have been tested by industry leaders. We are constantly reviewing and iterating on our offerings to make sure that as the threat evolves, so do our products.