Making Cyber Security Personal

It’s not just large organisations that are targeted by cyber criminals. Your information and accounts have value and need to be protected.

From personal data such as correspondence and identity documents to work data you access on the go, we make protecting yourself simple.

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Style meets security

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it’s critical that you keep your devices and information safe while you’re on the go.We have created a selection of contemporary products that are small enough to grab-and-go but are comprehensive enough to combat common security risks.


Designed by experts

Our products and services build on decades of experience and have been tested by industry leaders. We are constantly reviewing and iterating on our offerings to make sure that as the threat evolves, so do our products

I recently acquired the Varelis Cyber Security Travel Executive Kit, prior to a business trip to the UK. It provided me with a simple, yet elegant set of tools to protect myself effectively. The beautiful RFID protection wallet is my go bag for passport, secure access and payment cards during travel. The power only cables are a great way for me to keep charged without worry. All in all, the discreet implementation of safety appeals to me.
— CIO, Financial Services Organisation

Take action

While policies and education can tell us what we need to do, sometimes bridging the gap from theory to practice can be hard.

We make it simple.

Our products and services focus on "action oriented" security, in short - less policy and theory, more practice.